The Project

Not that I’m going to yell too much about it over here, as it’s other places to be found if you like to follow it through.
It’s a 365 thing. One picture each day, done on film. Obviously there will be some time between posts, as the films has to be developed and such. In addition there’s the situation at work. Can’t bring the darkroom over there, so need to wait until I get home before anything is done to the films.

#029/365 By the ferry quay just over there. It’s a sign saying something like “do not throw out your anchor if you don’t like to have shit all over the thing…”

Nothing more I wanted to say today.
I will pick and post some of the 365 here on this blog, and I will post all 365 over at my other blog. Just so you know where to find them.
Oh, and I’m also posting them on my flickr, and on the 365project page. Plenty of ways to see them all, should you fancy that.

#030/365 It’s a beautiful road going nowhere. Sill I go there ever so often, just to listen to the sound of silence and such.

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