PEC-round day

Ever been on a PEC-round, anyone? Well, I’ll just as well tell you there’s nothing much fun going on either. It’s just another thing that has to be done. Checking for safety issues and stuff, as you do these days when working on some kind of offshore installation. Or ship, in this case.

First I bring You Through This Door. iPhone 5S

As I brought my iPhone with the camera ready today it made the round a little more challenging, at least. I brought this oldish P&S film snapping device as well, just as you do when you got one of them lingering inside your cabin. A nice little Olympus Mju-II this time, borrowed from one of my mother in laws old drawers full of stuff some time back. I had forgot that I borrowed it, but luckily it emerged from one of my own drawers, even more full of stuff, on the day before I left to sea. So I threw a fresh film inside and decided to bring it on board.

Then Head This Way. iPhone 5S

I always bring a film camera or two when I go to work, because you never know when you get the chance to put them into some good old use. You will probably not see the snaps emerging from inside that little box for some time yet, I’m afraid. Still about three weeks to go until I’m back home, and there’s no darkroom or such on board the ship.

The PEC-round went on very well, thank you for asking.
As todays walk was inside the engineroom area, where I’m responsible for everything, it was good to find everything in perfect order and nothing much to put a finger on. Spotless is the right word, I believe. Kudos to my crew, again!

PEC-round Boss. iPhone 5S
There’s Up-Walks… iPhone 5S
And Down’s… iPhone 5S
Keeping Clear of certain areas… iPhone 5S
Then You Need to Rest. iPhone 5S

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