A decision, finally

So, I have finally come to a conclusion on what to do with this new blog. I have managed to frame-up the thing, so to speak. I knew for a fact that it had to be centered around the world of photography, but I have had some big concernes around a few issues. You see I have been thinking a bit back and forth on digital vs film, and has landed on some kind of mixed sollution. And there’s a kind of a reason for it.

I hardly ever use a digital camera anymore. I got really fed up at some point not too long after I bought my first DSLR, mainly because of editing issues. Or time issues, to be fair, due to the forever on-going editing process. And nor did I like the files I got out of the camera either. Sterile stuff. Hospital like, edgy, sharp, clean and nothing I ever managed to get any personal relationship to, as opposed to what I still did to my film stuff.
So at some point I threw everything digital more or less away, besides my telephone which I still have used every now and then when I felt like taking a picture without having a real camera by my side. The smallish sensor cameras and telephones are perfectly capable of taking a great snap these days, and the editing process can and will be done in a very short time directly on the phone itself, or on some iPad or something. I think that’s the way forward for me, at least inside the digital world. Everything I do on film will still be done the way I have always done. That’s what I feel I know something about, if anything at all.

Alnes Lighthouse, Giske, long time ago on a sunny day. Mamiya RZ67, Ilford Delta 100.

So I just feel a little bit different nowadays compared to a few years ago, and I might kick off a kind of project in some kind of pixelated form just to test myself. I still got the way to heavy DSLR in my ownership, but I handed it over to my son quite a while ago for him to borrow on long time terms. I bought myself something smaller, and with a smaller sensor, just to have some easy to carry digital camera for the occational holiday snap and things like that. I might use that one more often, in addition to my telephone, but will still do any editing either on iPad or iPhone. And that’s it.

My other blog will keep on living as a film only blog, and I think this is the best way to move forward. Or so it seems right here and now, anyway.

The Cranedriver. Rolleiflex 2.8E, Fomapan 100 film.

5 thoughts on “A decision, finally

  1. Thank you for finding my blog Roy. And I really like what I found in your blog! I’ll follow you back, but please be patient with me, I have a hard time with all those social medium, I seem to be back and forth in all of them… It’s only Flickr I’m pretty consistent in… Both FB and WP is coming and going….
    But I honestly miss WP, so we’ll see….
    In a couple of weeks my new darkroom will be ready, and maybe I’ll be back on track again…. 😉


    1. Thanks a lot for the follow, Marie, and no worries. I’m not expecting anything from anyone. I know how tough it is to follow up on all social media and such. Sometimes you just have to let it all go for a while, but that’s OK as well, I guess. After all we’re just still human beings…!

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