Adjusted to fit…

The old norsemen called it the doomsday stone. It’s been standing right here since long before christianity hit old Norway.
Then one day the King wanted to build a church upon the ruins of the old pagan offer site. Everything was laid flat, except from this particular stone, and the most beautiful stone church was built on top of it all.
He feared this one stone though, the old King, and had the church wall built leaning away from the long thing as the old saying could very well be understood as if the stone ever touched the church wall, Doomsday would come and it would hit hard.


The stone started, very slowly, to lean closer to the wall as the years, decades and centuries went passing by. Every now and then the priests would grab a hammer and a ladder to adjust the thing in the darkness of the night to make sure the gap between the stone and the church wall was on the safe side.
The stone seems to have been about 50cm longer than todays version of it.

Today we’re exactly 92 millimeters away… from Doomsday.


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