A place to breath

There’s a few things I need to feel alive and like a complete person. I need space, as in lots of open air around me. I need open landscapes and a more or less undisturbed horizon line to be able to really, really breath. I also need a place to house the contains of my brain.
That’s what I need, and luckily I have managed to take a few grips to make both things possible.

I have not decided yet what to do with this new blog, but I got an idea or two. This post is just to check and see how it all works as it’s a bit different to what I’m used to. I will let this hang out here for a while just to see how things evolve over the next few days before I decide if I go for it, or not.


7 thoughts on “A place to breath

    1. Thank you, Otto. I have not quite decided what to go for yet, but I hope I can do something with it anyway. Maybe one or two posts per week would suit me better than throwing out posts every day… I need to see what I come up with, I think.

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      1. It sure is a lot of work, Otto, but then again it depends a bit on how much time you got available and how much you are willing to put into it. This far it has been quite alright, but that’s probably just because of the fact that I’m at work right now far away at sea, and thus got some time to myself every day. At least when everything runs as normal and all is good with the ship. Other days it’s more busy, and when I’m at home I prefere to use my time a bit different as opposed to when I’m at sea.
        But we will see where it takes me in the end. At least I have started, as you can see, and hope to be able to move in some kind of nice direction with it all.


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